Babies 1st Year Program

Life moves fast that 1st year.

Do you have a plan to capture your baby’s important milestones?

Your precious little one changes so quickly, and those big changes may be forgotten without the right photograph to capture those memories. 


Imagine a series of images that would allow you to watch the personality and growth of your baby during that 1st wonderful year.

Our Baby Plan allows you to get lasting portraits of your baby’s 1st year that you will cherish for a lifetime and can even be passed on down to your little one. 

The 4 Stages We Capture

Newborn Session

You have waited for what feels like a life time for this moment. Let's capture all that excitement and love with a studio newborn session.

all newborn sessions include siblings and parents!

Little Sit Session

Once your little one can sit unassisted, it is time for your Little Sit Session. This is usually done around 6 months.

1st Birthday Session

Your little one has grown so much this year.  It is time to celebrate with their a birthday session.

usually done at 11 mo with 3 set changes


When you bundle together the Newborn Session and Milestones Sessions to create your Baby’s First Year Plan, we will gift you a FREE BONUS FAMILY SESSION!! (usually done at 9 months). 


Yes .. that is up to 5 sessions for the price of 3! 

Pricing for baby plan $667


$398 in savings just for bundling together your Newborn and Milestone sessions.  And don't for get that bonus family session!

Images are not included in your baby plan enrollment fees. Wall art, albums, keepsake image boxes and other products are sold separately and are available for purchase at your ordering appointments for each session. Enrollment fees are non-refundable