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How do I get ready for a summer family session?

Secrets you might like to know before going to your Summer Family Session with La Bella Sole Photography located in North Ogden, Ut.

  1. Bring on the Bug Spray! Don't let bugs take over your dream session you just spent time getting ready for. No matter the location you select, there are bound to be bugs. I mean, have you been to Antelope Island in the summer? YUCK! And those little suckers bite. But please know bug spray can help! Any time we go somewhere with tall grass or water, bugs can be an issue. Just incase your forget your spray, we will have some in our to go kit! - Don't worry we got you!

  2. It's hot out here, don't forget the water!!!! To help keep your skin looking amazing make sure you are drinking lots of water 24-48 hours before your session, and then do not forget to bring water bottles with you to your session.

  3. Dark colors? Not great for summer family sessions! We all know that dark colors absorb the light and light colors reflect it, that is the same with clothing. Selecting light colors and light weight clothing will help keep you cool in the Utah summer heat. - Don't know what to wear? Shoot us an email, we are happy to help.

  4. Hand Towels? But what for? We forsure do not need anyone glistening in the sun during their session! Not to mention if you do an out fit change they come in handy to give you a bit of privacy, but we usually have blankets to help with this if we know there is an outfit change happening and there are no restrooms in site. If you selected Ogden botanical gardens or Old snow basin road, there are restroom, but they might be a bit away from where we are taking your family pics.

  5. Don't eat a huge meal right before your session. For some families we will be doing your family shoot right in the middle of dinner time, if you are one of the ones like me and eat dinner late everyday. And others it will be an hour or more after. Which might make you think you will get hungry during your photoshoot. But YOU wont, the littles might though. So eat a light mean before and then pack some snacks. This will help anyone from getting Hangry! 🤣

  6. If it gets too hot, we can take breaks None of us like being too hot! We can always jump in the car with the AC on to help us cool down.

  7. Don't stress!!!!!! I know that family portrait sessions can be stressful. But they do not need to be. I have lots of tips and tricks to help you along the way!!!! When you come in for your consultation, I will help plan everything with you and even take lots of notes on how to get the littles and even Dad to stay engaged with me!

  8. Doing family home sessions can be so fun! Going out to a location session might not be ideal for you... Do you have a family home with a yard you are proud of? We can absolutely do the session at your family home. Lets have a picnic, or run through the sprinklers. SOOO stinking fun.

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