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What do you look for in a Newborn Photographer?

Lets see. Google is amazing when searching for your needs. You might type a few different things when searching for a Photographer near you. Lets pretend you are located in Ogden, Ut.... You might reach things such as

- Newborn Photographer Near Me

- Photographer Near Me

- Best Newborn Photographer

- Baby Photography

- Newborn Photography Ogden


However, does it really give you what you are looking for? When you search of a Family Photographer near me, yes, it will give you results.... But does it give you the info you need? How long is the session? When will I receive my images back? How will the photographer edit my images? What is included in the price. Is the photographer good with children. Or, are they good with a child with special needs? Can I order prints, or do I print them myself? The list goes on and on.

These are all WONDERFUL questions to as your photographer! But how do you ask them? On the phone? Email? Text?

This is where we help take out that guessing and make sure that we are 100% the perfect fit for your photography needs. We actually bring you in for a consultation to meet us, see our work, and go over pricing with you. We plan your session WITH YOU! Yep, you design your session with us.

All of our consultations are done in North Ogden at our Professional Photography Studio. Ok, maybe we shouldn't say ALL. But most. Occasionally, we offer our design consults online via video chat using zoom. This is helpful for clients on bed rest, or for clients that just have a busy schedule and can't get in to us. Though these video consults work great, we recommend you coming into the studio so you can get a full feel for all of us at La Bella Sole Photography.

Interested in booking a consultation with us? Easy peasy.

CLICK HERE fill out the form, and we will be right with you.

(ps we never share, sell or spam your info)

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