• La Bella Sole Staff

Say goodbye to 2020

Anyone else grateful that 2020 is about over? Holy cow, what a year! I hope all of you survived and are doing well. And I really hope that 2021 will bring all of us happiness and the ability to create new memories with our families.

As far as a business owner, I am so grateful that I have clients like you that got me and my little business through 2020. And now we are headed in to what I am going to call Newborn Quarantine Boom.... haha. So let's chat about that.

Normally clients contact the studio to book their due dates between 12-20 weeks. But the pandemic changed things a bit. Now clients are booking much closer to their due dates. But I am sure that is soon going to change and we will be booked again well in advance again.


Remember, we only take up to 10 clients a month. Usually 5 due dates and 5 other sessions. ( family, couples, baby, etc. ) And each clients spends 3 - 7 hours with us personally. ( between the consultation, session, reveal party, and pickup.) This is why we are only able to take 10 clients per month. We need time to edit those images, and get those order created. :)

If you are due in 2021 I would book your session asap.