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Family Photoshoot Stress!

You finally did it, you convinced your significant other that you NEED family photos done. Step one accomplished. Great job Mama! Ok, but now where do you go from here.

Finding a photographer and planing your perfect family session is a pain! I know. Mom of 8 here! - The stress of finding the right photographer, then seeing if they are available, where do we take the pictures? - what do we where?! And the list of questions goes on and on!

Lets break this down for you. I will walk you through what our Design consults look like. This way you can see that you get more than just someone that will show up and take your pictures. You get a family photography consultant! hahah, I just made that up, and I think I like it. ha!

You have contacted us and want to come to our north ogden, photo studio. It may have been our facebook, our Instagram or even here on our website. How ever you contact us, we are always pretty quick to reply. Ok, so flash forward, your design session is scheduled. ( remember this is 100% free! ) - You are greeted by YOUR photographer. This is determined at the time we chat and book your consult. This is based on availability and the type of session you are interested in. - Your photographer will chat with you about La Bella Sole, who we are and why we do what we do. Show you some examples of our products that we offer, and of course go over all of our pricing with you. - You have decided to book with us! YAY! the session is then planned with you. We talk about where, who will be in the images, why these are important to you, what vision and feeling you have about the session, pick colors, poses, props, and go over dos and don'ts for your session. We will go over the session agreement, both of us will sign it, and then we will take your session fee that acts as a retainer to schedule the selected date and time we just chose. We then give you a packet with lots of info inside it that you can take home with you.

I know that seems kind of silly to do. But we promise this is how we get to know you and what your needs are. We are here for you and want to make sure that we always nail those expectations you have of your photographer.

What to book your very own design consult with us? Easy peasy. Click Here and fill out our little form.

See you soon.

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