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You're about to be a new Mommy.

Can you believe it? Soon you will be holding your tiny one in your arms. We know how exciting and scary that can be for you as a Mommy. And this is why all of us here at La Bella Sole Photography take the proper precautions when photographing your perfect little newborn baby.

During your consultation here with us, we get to know you. Who you are, and what you are wanting. But most of all we build trust with our parents. We will be with your family for a total of 8 hours from consultation, the session, your reveal session / ordering session, to your product pick up. It is important to us and to you that we all know each other, are comfortable with one another and that you as new parents trust us; not just as the photographers posing your little one, but that we will listed to your wants and needs, and we will help guide you through the entire process with us. We would never through images at you and slam the door. We are here for YOU!

So remember, when you hire us, we will do what we are hired to do, but we will also build a relationship with you that will last a life time.

Now the reason you came..... her are a few before and after image. Just to show you, even in editing we take our time to make your images worthy of the title "Newborn Art".

If you would love to meet us, please click this link.

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