-Thank you for joining.  This is a two day class meant to teach you how to take your images to a whole new level. I am so excited that you are ready to take this journey with me. 


-Day 1: BONUS DAY 

We will go over how I import images in to LR, add keywords, organize your files, and how to export your files so that you can edit them in PS.We will go over tools in PS, how they work and how you can use them. Though we will nor be editing on this day, I will be applying changes to images so that you can see how the tools work, where you can find them and how to set up your Photoshop to best suit your editing needs.



We will start in LR. Making adjustments to get your images ready for their full edits in PS.  We will open the images in PS and then do full edits and how you how to use the tools individually on different images.


Once you have completed your purchase you will be sent and PDF with the link to join the FB group where this will be taught. All content will be saved, so that you can view it any time. - I will also add images to the group so that you can download them, these will be the images I will be editing. This way you can follow along with me as we edit. 

Master Class | two days