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First Birthday Experience

Is Your Baby Ready To Celebrate Their 1st Birthday?

We know planning your child’s First Birthday is a lot of fun and so is planning their First Birthday Portrait Experience!  This photo session is so important as it will be one that hangs on the walls of your home for years to come.


You will always look back at the images we create of your child and remember the details of their most important first birthday.


Oh and let's be honest ... there is nothing more fun then watching a baby smash a cake!



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Play me!

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"Joshie, You may not remember this day, but we will save these photos for you, so that you will know how much you are loved and celebrated on you very special first birthday!" - Melissa (Josh's Mom)
Parent Quote
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Let's  Smash Cake
and make lasting memories together

Imagine this:

A day circled in red on your calendar, the day your little one will get to finally make a mess, and we will all encourage it!  All on a themed set of your choice!

chrsitmas first birthday- red- gree-white_edited.jpg

What comes with your 1st Birthday Portrait Experience?

    1 Hour First Birthday Session: A fun filled birthday session for your baby. We start with a cute outfit, then play with balloons and finish up with smashing their cake! ($199 Value)

    Choice of up to 3 outfits: We know it is hard to choose just 1! When we get on the phone together we will walk you through what to bring.

    Personalized Ordering Appointment: Within a 48-72 hours of your portrait session, we will have you come back to the studio to view and purchase your birthday portraits. We will look through your images, and help you to select your favorite poses for your birthday portrait artwork!

    BONUS: Cake & Balloons Included! Let's face it, you have plenty to worry about. We will provide the smash cake and balloons for your session! ($75 value)

    BONUS: $50 Studio Portrait Credit: A little gift from us to use towards the purchase of your Birthday Portrait Artwork


    But Remember, this offer is only good to the 1st 5 parents that sign up this month!

Book your session today

For only $199 and includes everything listed above.

Finished portraits packages are available to order at your reveal party. Our print collections start at $295

1st birthday smash cake- beach- .jpg
STEP 1: Fill out the form

The first thing you need to do is Fill Our Our form. Which you can do by clicking any of the buttons on this page.  YAY. Soon you will be one step closer to smashing cake!

We are so excited to hear more about your baby and how we can make this experience all that you have pictured and more!
STEP 2: We will Call you soon!

we'll call you within 24 business hours to set up a date and time for your session.


On the call we'll answer any additional questions you may have and discuss colors and themes for your cake, balloons and set. And then collect the session fee special of only $199 and send over your session agreement to sign.

STEP 3: Smash that CAKE!

Get ready to enjoy your baby's first birthday and watch them
Smash That Cake!


Relax! We know it is hard to do that as a mom, but trust me ... we have everything under control to provide you and your baby the most amazing birthday experience!


Meet your Photographer

As a mom I know firsthand how fast time flies with our children. It seems like one day we are packing our bag to head to the hospital to deliver our baby, then soon they are walking and talking and then, before we know it they are starting Kindergarten! At night we put our babies to bed, look at their sweet faces and wish we could just
Freeze Time! What if I told you there was a way to do this?


We have made capturing forever moments an easy process for parents, from dreaming up the perfect First Birthday scene to creating finished portrait artwork to display proudly in your home and to give as gifts.


My passion for children’s photography has come from watching my own children grow and change. I am obsessed with finding ways to slow down time and having the ability to remember every detail of their childhood.


Let me help you capture this important First Birthday milestone. These are the days you will never want to forget!


"Hi! I'm Shae Gines and I believe that photographs are the key to preserving the magic of childhood. As my client’s children grow and change the portraits I create become a collection of memories that reminds them of the years their children spent filling their homes with joy and laughter. Oh and I will eat any left over cake if given the chance!"


  • How do we book our session and can we book on weekends?
    Please filled out our form. We call you within 24 business hours to chat with you and book on the phone. Please note that we usually do not make calls on the weekends. Our Saturdays are saved for other session types. Smash cake sessions are booked Monday - Thursday at either 11:00 am or 1:00 pm only.
  • What themes are available for my session?
    We have a wide variety of props and backgrounds and can typically work with our clients to photograph most themes or color combinations. Many parents often bring with them elements from the decorations for the birthday party to personalize their set. When we chat on the phone we can talk about the options and create a look you will love! Please keep in mind while we can do an inspired by theme, we can not do trademarked themes. For example, lets say you are having a Pooh themed birthday. We have a background that looks like the hundred acre wood, and we will add hunny pots and Pooh colors, but we can not add any of the actual characters. But I promise we do this all the time. As you can see from all our smash cake portraits above, and they are always adorable.
  • Do I have to bring my own cake?
    No!! We know you are a busy mom and have lots to do! This is one way we can remove the stress from your day. When we chat on the phone to plan your session, we will discuss colors and themes and then we will get your cake ordered. Yes.... your baby will get to eat the most delicious Handmade cake by our amazing Cake Maker Trista! Don't worry ... we won't judge if you sneak a taste or finish their cake after the session is over! If you scroll to the bottom of this web page you will find all the themes we currently have in the studio. - However, if your baby has a food allergy, we are not able to provide the cake.
  • How many images do you take?
    During your session we aim for the following scenes to help tell the story of your baby's first year! 1. White or dark wood background and outfit that isn't themed for birthday - This scene, we start in an outfit that you just love. We like to show off all the milestones your baby has achieved up to this point. Sitting, crawling, standing, or even walking. 2. Simple set with balloons that match the colors of your theme. - We like to hint at the theme, but not give it away yet. On this scene we like to show off your baby's personality and who they are! And they of course love playing with the balloons. 3. Smash Cake time! - This scene we will change into their smash cake out fit and move to the themed set. This is their birthday celebration moment!!! After your session, we edit through your images and prepare them for you to view. We invite you to come back to the studio within a 48 hours of your session to view your art work on our big screen projector. This is when you choose your favorites to purchase. From most first birthday sessions we show between 30-50 portraits for you to select your art work from.
  • Do you offer digital images?
    Yes we do! . They are available to purchase from your session in a variety of ways. We want our clients to have printed versions of their images to last a lifetime, but we know how important digital images are to moms as well! All of our custom-designed albums come with matching digital images. You can also purchase a collection of high resolution digital images at your reveal party as well.
  • Are parents and siblings included?
    Oh this is a hard one to answer. But let me explain why. YES, we can have parents and or siblings jump in for a few shots on the 1st set. But here is why we are slightly hesitant. We know that we have 30 minutes max of actual camera time before your baby loses interest, and will want to be done. We have a work flow that is quick, but never makes you feel rushed and is designed to keep your little one happy. The longer that we spend on the 1st set, the less time we have at the end of your session, and it might result in an unhappy one by the time we reach the smash cake portion of your experience. So the short answer is yes, of course we can add in parents and siblings and we are always happy to do what you wish. However, we also suggest that this particular session type, focus on your little one and their special day.

A little reminder of what's included with your birthday session...


1 Hour First Birthday Session

Choice of up to 3 outfits

Personalized Ordering Appointment

BONUS: Cake & Balloons Included!

BONUS: $50 Studio Portrait Credit

Book Now for Only $199

wizard slytherin smash cake.jpg
Sesame Street 1st birthday session north ogden

What our Smash Cake Clients are saying about us

We were so excited when I signed up for the 1st birthday smash cake photo session for my babies. Shae was really patient during the session and everything turned out perfectly even though it was so hard for them to smile for the photos. Lol. This is going to be a lifetime memories!

Bianca B. - North Ogden, UT

From the 1st moment we met Shae and Ali, I knew we had found our photographer for life. The creativity they brought to my theme exceeded all my expectations. My daughter wasn't one for the cake, but the pictures made me cry when I seen them for the 1st time at the reveal. I still can not believe how many perfect images Shae was able to capture.  If you are looking for a photographer that will always put you 1st and make you feel like she has no other clients, look no further!

Krystal C. - Roy, UT

Shae is a delight to work with. She’s passionate about her job and the why behind what she does. The quality of her photos and the prints are absolutely incredible. I will be recommending her to everyone.

Fill out the below form for more info about our first
birthday smash cake session experiences.

Themes we have in our studio currently

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