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Newborn Photo Experience

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a momentous occasion, filled with overwhelming emotions and boundless love. As you navigate this journey, we understand the importance of finding the perfect photographer to immortalize these precious moments. At La Bella Sole Photography, we're more than just photographers; we're your trusted companions, guiding you through this intimate and awe-inspiring experience.

Our studio is a sanctuary of warmth and tranquility, where your newborn is cradled in comfort and safety. With tender care and unwavering attention to detail, we capture the fleeting innocence and boundless love that fills your heart. Each portrait is a testament to the miracle of life, a timeless treasure that will be cherished for generations to come.

We understand that every newborn is unique, and we approach each session with sensitivity and reverence. Your baby's comfort and well-being are our top priorities, ensuring that every moment is captured with tender care and utmost respect. From delicate poses to tender embraces, we capture the essence of your newborn's fleeting innocence, preserving these precious memories for eternity.

Choosing La Bella Sole Photography means choosing a partner who understands the depth of your emotions and the significance of this monumental milestone. Our goal is to create portraits that not only capture the beauty of your newborn but also evoke the overwhelming love and joy that fills your heart. Book your newborn session today, and let us embark on this heartfelt journey together, capturing the pure essence of your newborn and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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This is where we will get to meet! YAY.  will get to hear all about your journey to parent hood, and how I can help you have the newborn experience of your dreams. You learn about us, our work flow, prices and design your perfect newborn session with your photographer. Remember our job is to tell your story without any words. 




You have planned this day with us, and now it is finally time! Your Newborn Portrait Experience will be 1 - 4 hours long depending on the package you selected. The session will include all the poses an props we planned at your design consult, as well as a cozy area for you to take a nap if you need a little rest. Being a new parent is hard! We get that! You deserve a little rest.


Ogden utah newborn session chin on hands pose


Or as we like to call it, your Reveal Party! This is when you will get to see all the magic we created together of your baby during their newborn experience. You will find the portraits you love the most, and then together we will create art work for your home. But I will warn you,  there might be tears. But no worries, we will have tissues ready for you.


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We will get to see you one more time. And we can not wait to place your magical products in your hands. Watching you fall in love with your baby again while holding all your art we created together, is out happy place.  And I promise if you bring baby back in with you to this appointment we wont even be mad. We love seeing how much they have grown, and snuggles of course.

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newborn photoshoot near ogden utah
  • How do we book our session and can we book on weekends?
    Please filled out our form. We call you within 24 business hours to chat with you and book on the phone. Please note that we usually do not make calls on the weekends. Our Saturdays are saved for other session types. Smash cake sessions are booked Monday - Thursday at either 11:00 am or 1:00 pm only.
  • What themes are available for my session?
    We have a wide variety of props and backgrounds and can typically work with our clients to photograph most themes or color combinations. Many parents often bring with them elements from the decorations for the birthday party to personalize their set. When we chat on the phone we can talk about the options and create a look you will love! Please keep in mind while we can do an inspired by theme, we can not do trademarked themes. For example, lets say you are having a Pooh themed birthday. We have a background that looks like the hundred acre wood, and we will add hunny pots and Pooh colors, but we can not add any of the actual characters. But I promise we do this all the time. As you can see from all our smash cake portraits above, and they are always adorable.
  • Do I have to bring my own cake?
    No!! We know you are a busy mom and have lots to do! This is one way we can remove the stress from your day. When we chat on the phone to plan your session, we will discuss colors and themes and then we will get your cake ordered. Yes.... your baby will get to eat the most delicious Handmade cake by our amazing Cake Maker Trista! Don't worry ... we won't judge if you sneak a taste or finish their cake after the session is over! If you scroll to the bottom of this web page you will find all the themes we currently have in the studio. - However, if your baby has a food allergy, we are not able to provide the cake.
  • How many images do you take?
    During your session we aim for the following scenes to help tell the story of your baby's first year! 1. White or dark wood background and outfit that isn't themed for birthday - This scene, we start in an outfit that you just love. We like to show off all the milestones your baby has achieved up to this point. Sitting, crawling, standing, or even walking. 2. Simple set with balloons that match the colors of your theme. - We like to hint at the theme, but not give it away yet. On this scene we like to show off your baby's personality and who they are! And they of course love playing with the balloons. 3. Smash Cake time! - This scene we will change into their smash cake out fit and move to the themed set. This is their birthday celebration moment!!! After your session, we edit through your images and prepare them for you to view. We invite you to come back to the studio within a 48 hours of your session to view your art work on our big screen projector. This is when you choose your favorites to purchase. From most first birthday sessions we show between 30-50 portraits for you to select your art work from.
  • Do you offer digital images?
    Yes we do! . They are available to purchase from your session in a variety of ways. We want our clients to have printed versions of their images to last a lifetime, but we know how important digital images are to moms as well! All of our custom-designed albums come with matching digital images. You can also purchase a collection of high resolution digital images at your reveal party as well.
  • Are parents and siblings included?
    Oh this is a hard one to answer. But let me explain why. YES, we can have parents and or siblings jump in for a few shots on the 1st set. But here is why we are slightly hesitant. We know that we have 30 minutes max of actual camera time before your baby loses interest, and will want to be done. We have a work flow that is quick, but never makes you feel rushed and is designed to keep your little one happy. The longer that we spend on the 1st set, the less time we have at the end of your session, and it might result in an unhappy one by the time we reach the smash cake portion of your experience. So the short answer is yes, of course we can add in parents and siblings and we are always happy to do what you wish. However, we also suggest that this particular session type, focus on your little one and their special day.

What our Clients are saying about us!

5 star google rating
Newborn baby boy ogden utah photographer

Erin J. - West Haven, UT

If you are looking for a photographer to capture your newborn and their special moments, STOP because Shae is hands down the one you want to welcome into your little’s new circle of friends. From the instant I engaged with her she was nothing but professional and welcoming. My husband and I had a sit down with her to plan out what we wanted and to get to know her while we were still pregnant and she felt like family from “hello.” I felt comfortable and could truly see the love and care she puts in to not only her business but with her interactions with all the families and children she has worked with.
Our newborn session took about 4 hours which included feedings, diaper changes, outfit changes, nap time for mom YAY! and it was just a wonderful loving experience.
Newborn photoshoot ogden utah

Jheren C. - HiIl AFB, UT

If you’re looking to have newborn photos taken, there is no one better than Shae. She understands how special these memories are and works hard to make the photo process a truly special experience. From start to finish, she is professional and thorough. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with someone who is so passionate about their trade. Her attention to detail, genuine love of photography, and incredible eye/talent made this a fantastic experience for our family. We couldn’t be more pleased with our photos and look forward to working with her and her studio again soon!
best newborn photographer in ogden utah baby boy blue

Jenn M. - N. Ogden, UT

Where do I even begin? Shae is beyond amazing, from the very first phone call. My sweet boy came earlier than expected and she worked us in to her already extremely packed schedule. When we arrived at her studio I instantly knew we made the right choice!! She was made to do newborn photos!!! She is sweet and gentle and knows just what to do to make baby and you feel comfortable. I’m tearing writing this review.
Just know, these moments with your newborn are once in a lifetime and Shae understands and does everything she can to not only capture them but make it an unforgettable and sweet experience. Thank you so much and we love you!

Meet your Newborn Photographer

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Shae Gines owner of La Bella Sole Photography north ogden

Shae Gines

"I believe that through portraits, a story is being told without ever saying a word."

Thank you for stopping by La Bella Sole Photography. My name is Shae Gines, I will be your Newborn Photographer. Within these digital walls of the internet, I invite you to embark on a journey that transcends mere snapshots—it's about freezing time, encapsulating the fleeting moments of your newborn's earliest days here are our North Ogden, Utah portrait studio.

As a mother myself, I intimately comprehend the whirlwind of emotions that come with welcoming a precious life into this world. Witnessing my own children's transformation, their tiny fingers exploring the world, their delicate expressions evolving with each passing day, I've been humbled by the profound beauty inherent in these fleeting moments.

It's a truth etched in my heart: the pace at which these little miracles grow is both breathtaking and bittersweet. My own retrospection into their infant years, reliving those cherished moments through their newborn portraits, has underscored the invaluable significance of each captured instant.

In these photographs lies an extraordinary narrative—an emotional time capsule encapsulating the essence of your newborn, frozen in time for eternity. But beyond the pixels and prints, it's the story they tell—the narrative of your family's beginnings—that truly makes them priceless heirlooms that will be passed on for generations!

My calling is not merely to wield a camera; it's to immortalize the subtle nuances, the tender gestures, and the ineffable bond that defines your family. Every click of the shutter aims not to create just a portrait, but to craft a timeless memory, a testament to the profound love and joy your newborn brings to you and those you love most in this world.

I want to be your accomplice in preserving these extraordinary yet fleeting moments. Through my lens, I endeavor to gift you the ability to cherish and revisit these invaluable memories—moments that may seem ordinary today but will become the most cherished treasures tomorrow.

Peruse my portfolio, dive into the stories behind each frame, and if you find resonance in my vision, I eagerly await the chance to discuss curating a bespoke portrait experience for your family. Together, let's encapsulate the magic, the tenderness, and the unparalleled beauty of your newborn's journey.



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