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Studio Baby & Children Experience

Welcome to La Bella Sole Photography, where we specialize in capturing the vibrant energy, playful innocence, and boundless joy of childhood. Step into our studio and embark on a journey filled with laughter, wonder, and cherished memories as we celebrate the magic of childhood together.

At La Bella Sole Photography, we understand that childhood is a fleeting moment filled with countless precious milestones. From the first hesitant steps to the infectious giggles of toddlerhood, every moment is a treasure to be cherished. Our studio is a welcoming sanctuary where your children are free to explore, play, and express themselves authentically, allowing us to capture the true essence of their unique personalities.

We believe that the key to capturing unforgettable portraits lies in fostering a genuine connection with your children. Our experienced team of photographers is skilled at creating a relaxed and playful atmosphere, allowing your little ones to feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Whether it's capturing the mischievous twinkle in their eyes or the dimpled smile that lights up their face, we pride ourselves on capturing the fleeting moments that make childhood so magical.

From newborns to teenagers, we offer a range of photography services tailored to suit every stage of your child's journey. Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday, commemorating a special achievement, or simply capturing the beauty of everyday moments, we're here to help you create timeless portraits that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Choosing La Bella Sole Photography means choosing a partner who understands the unique spirit of childhood and the importance of preserving these precious memories for years to come. Book your children and baby session today, and let us embark on this joyful journey together, capturing the vibrant energy and boundless love that fills your family's heart.

6 month of photo session in studio simple


These little ones stole our hearts as parents not long ago. And they are growing up too fast! We would love to help you freeze time and remember your tiny little human just the way they are right now in this moment!

toddler white background boy

Toddler + Children

Oh the toddler stage! And how about those little mini grownups in tiny bodies? So stinking fun! They are into everything and have so much personality, lets show that off! 

Teen photoshoot in studio girls


Parenting is fun at this stage right? Our teen clients are the best. It is so dang fun to watch them transform out of their shell in front of our lens.

We love these sessions so much and are so fun when we get to do a besties group.

1st bday session ogden utah baby Smash cake photos

Looking for 1st birthday sessions? We have a whole page dedicated to their special day!
4 year old little girl photoshoot

Step 1:

Start your adventure with a personalized Design Consultation at our North Ogden, Utah studio. Fill out the form, and within 24 business hours, we'll reach out to schedule your consultation. During this meeting, we'll explore your family dynamics, aspirations, and vision for your portraits. Together, we'll select poses, colors, and attire that reflect your family's personality. We'll guide you through the process, reserve your session, and provide a detailed welcome guide to ensure no detail is missed. We're excited to learn more about your family and create an unforgettable experience!


Step 2:

The big day is here—time to turn your vision into reality! Our sessions usually last 30-60 minutes, catering to your children's energy and Dad's patience. We'll capture a variety of poses to infuse joy and authenticity into every moment. After the session, we'll schedule your reveal party and send an email to guide you on preparing for the ordering appointment.

LB2_4801 copy.jpg

Step 3:

At the eagerly awaited Reveal Party, witness the magic as we unveil your family's beauty and togetherness. Expect emotions to flow freely as you select your favorite portraits. We'll guide you through the decision-making process and craft bespoke artwork for your home. Once decisions are made, we'll edit and order your selected portraits to seamlessly fit into your home's narrative.

north-ogden-photographer- utah.png

Step 4:

It's the grand finale! Visit our studio to experience the tactile sensation of your bespoke artwork. We ensure your satisfaction by inviting you to inspect every piece before wrapping it up. We're thrilled to create timeless memories for your family to cherish for generations.

birthday photoshoot ogden utah pastel with balloons
4 yr old birthday cake photo shoot session.jpg
50 diner childrens portraits ogden utah
4 image collage la bella sole wizard

Themed Events

We offer many themed children's portrait events every year at our North Ogden Studio.

But there are two that are super popular and book out as soon as we announce them.


That is our Wizarding School Experience for those that love all things "H. P." and dream of becoming a wizard and getting an acceptance letter of their very own. These sessions are for ages 5 and up only. (sorry tiny littles, there is glass and dry ice on the set) 

Then there are our Fall Fairy Experience. These sessions are perfect for little ones that have an imagination that can transport them somewhere completely magical! These amazing sessions are for little sizes 4t - 14 only. 


And here is the fun part. For these two full on interactive experiences,

we provide the costumes!!!!  

Do you love this and want a spot for sure. Or would love more info about them and what is included and how much they are? 

No worries, we can help. Just give our studio a call at 801-928-0262 or Stop by 380 E 2000 N North Ogden and pre-book!

These spots due fill up fast and we can only take 10 sessions per event!

When are these events????

Our Wizarding Experiences are always the last Sat. in July.

(for Harry's birthday of course.)

Our Next Fall Fairy Experience will be September 14, 2024


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