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Think Maternity Sessions are CREEPY?

Ok I will say it! Maternity sessions are a little odd. We hold our bellies and show the world how much weight we have gained. We as women usually feel like we have been hit by a bus, instead of this glowing garbage everyone tells us about. Or how about that feeling that we just want this to be over, and we want nothing more than the meet the little one that we have been growing inside of us. Girl, I feel you!

But what IF....

What if, you could feel like a goddess? What if you felt pretty? What if you were excited to show off that cute bump?

This Mama spent 3 hours with us, and this is the result. - You tell me if she felt beautiful!


Could she be any more beautiful?! She put on the dress, and halo, and transformed before my lens. This was the 1st image out of my camera.


Then we moved over to the rocks, and her exact words were... " I feel like a mermaid goddess." She started embracing her cute little 33 week baby bump.

This Mommy to be, started to shine. And I got to watch it all through my lens.

I will not lie, I started feeling the connection that Ali was showing me. I feel in love with her and her heart as I watched the love in side her heart start to show for her little man.


After we finished out on our location session. We headed back to the studio for some more classic images. And boy am I happy Mom agreed to this! Check out a few of the images we were able to capture in the studio below.

So after showing you how this Mommy transformed before my eyes. And I found a LOVE for Maternity sessions.... Are you ready to book your design consultation? Come get to know me and my staff, and then lets design YOUR dream session!

PS, If you book a maternity session and a Newborn session with La Bella Sole Photography, you get 25% off your newborn session!

Click here to set up your consultation today.

-See you soon!!!!

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