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You pee how much???

Yep, we as women pee a lot during the day. Sometimes involuntary when we laugh, or cough. Thank you little one for that gift! But today I sat here feeling so bad for my daughter as she is 26 weeks, and peed 3 times in an hour. Now, she was downing water like we were going to dink it all before she could...but still. .... So I started thinking. Holy cow. You are only 26 week pregnant. My heart ( and bladder) hurt for your 38 week pregnant self! And the endless trips to the potty!!

So cheers to all you Mamas and your peeing 974 times a day. Oh and to all of you that your little one has set up a garage band in your rib cage! Hang in the lady, you are almost done!!!! And, Congratulations Mama. Pregnancy is the best! - Ha. Remember Mom of 8 here!

Oh speaking of reminders. Have you booked your newborn session with Ogden's best photographer yet? I would do it soon. We are already booking dates through July 2020. (do you love how I just claim that I am in the best in Ogden? Well, I think my studio is the best!!!! At least I didn't say in all of Utah or in the world. :) - To get that booking process started, click here

PS, our January 2020 due dates are booked however, I am in need of a few newborn models.

2 for live streaming and training students in my teaching and mentoring group

2 for working out kinks in our new reveal session and consultation software.

You will receive a full session, with the designs of your choice. (sorry baby only for these). And you will receive 2 complimentary 8x10's for your time. You of course will have the option to purchase more, but it is NOT required. This is all valued at over $360!

This is the process for our model call sessions.

Apply (There is a $50 retainer required if you are selected.)



Reveal and ordering session

Pick up

To apply please fill out this for completely.....

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