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Your Newborn Safety!

Selecting your newborn photographer is a personal choice. And that is why all of us at our North Ogden, Ut photography studio value and honor your choice in selecting us. Recently there has been a video that has gone viral of another newborn photographer displaying very disturbing methods to calm and pose their tiny clients.

After watching the video (which I couldn't stomach, or even watch the entire 45 minute video) I decided to write a blog post and use this as a teaching moment to all Mommies and Daddies that are looking for a photographer.

Please remember that YOU are the voice for your little ones. And you have the right to disagree with anyone that is caring for your baby. When we pose or settle your little ones, we do this is a calm and relaxing manor. We move very slowly and never shake your baby, pull on limbs, or pose them in ways that could cause them harm.

It is so important that your baby is warm, calm, relaxed and comfortable at all times during your session! We are trained to watch for flags that tell us the baby could be uncomfortable. And we will adjust the post to better suit the tiny one.

We use 2 people (the photographer and an assistant) for almost 100% of our newborn sessions. This isn't for the comfort of the photographer. It is for the safety of your newborn baby. We never leave the baby unattended, ever! Hands are always on your little one even in poses we know that they are not going anywhere. We will count to 3, the assistant will raise their hand, the image is captured, then the hand goes back down on baby. When we wrap a baby, we are being very mindful of where all the limbs are inside that wrap, we watch for over heating signs, poor circulation, or even labored breathing. These things do not happen to us as we are very cautions as we pose, wrap and handle your little one, but if they do happen, we will stop and make the correct changes to insure that the baby is safe and comfortable even if that means starting over. This isn't a race. It is about safety, and capturing baby relaxed and calm.

I know all of this seems that all Newborn Photographers should practice this way. But sadly, the video I just watched, proves that there are Professional Photographers that do not follow these practices. Remember photography is NOT regulated. ANYONE can grab a camera and say they are a newborn photographer. Even without 1 ounce of newborn posing safety training, knowing the newborn skeletal system, how to watch for red flags, or even how to wrap for newborn photography. That is scary! Ask your photographers questions!!!!!! Make sure your little ones are in good hands.

We have a 4 step booking process for a reason. This allows you to get to know your photographer, trust them, and know that you are the boss of your session. You always have a voice with us. And we will hear you! The 1st time you meet us, we are dating, getting to know each other. The session we are engaged, and the reveal party is the wedding. I know that sounds silly but it is true. The entire process is for your benefit. Getting to know each other, asking questions, and knowing exactly what to expect is so important. We do not take our job lightly, and are honored that you are or will become apart of our family!

If you have any question about your photographer you have selected.... Speak up. If you do not like something that is being done to your little one, say something. We personally explain everything we are doing as we do it, and why. If you feel your little one is in any kind of danger, pick up your baby and leave!!!!!! This is a tiny human life! It needs to be handled by everyone as such.

Sorry for the rant, but I am so disturbed by the video I just watched of a very well known NB photographer. But I need you to know we would never do anything that would harm your baby. And we value their tiny life!

If you have any questions about NB photography please ask us. We are always happy to answer any and all questions for parents. Even if we are not the selected photographer.

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